12/4 to 12/6

2019 Winner’s Circle: 17-19 Females

Join us every Wednesday as we meet our fastest runners from Jingle Jam 10K 2019! Click here to see a full listing of all our top finishers.

1st Place

Brennley Furness

Finish Time 54:33

“I have been running since the beginning of high school. It is a stress reliever for me, and I like to push myself to be the best I can. I decided to run it because it’s for a good cause and I LOVE distance running. I ran cross country this year of high school, and I would run on the greenway. I want to be able to run a 5K in under 21 minutes and continue to become faster!”

2nd Place

Macie Griswold

Finish Time 1:11:01

3rd Place

Anaamika Balan

Finish Time 1:28:44

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