2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

Stay Injury-Free: Essential Tips for Preventing Running Injuries

running injuries

Race Day is less than two months away, so it’s time to start training! The last thing you can afford while training is getting an injury that would keep you from running for JingleJam10K.  Accidents happen all the time, and to err is human, but there are things you can do to prevent a running […]

Corporate Sponsorships: Making an Impact with JJ10K

corporate sponsorships

As the final quarter of the year gets closer, we all anticipate the return of the season of festivities and this year’s Jingle Jam 10K Race benefiting SafeHomes Domestic Violence Center. With 2023 possibly being the last year we hold this race, we wanted to allow businesses and other organizations to give back to the […]

Run with Purpose: Supporting SafeHomes’ Mission Through JJ10K

run with purpose

With the season of togetherness and compassion only a few months away, we invite you to discover a unique and heartwarming story that intertwines the magic of Christmas, the thrill of a road race, and the unwavering dedication to a noble cause. This, of course, is the Jingle Jam 10K road race, benefiting the domestic […]

The Power of Community: How JJ10K Brings Augusta Together

power of community

Are you looking for ways to feel closer and more connected with your local community? Look no further than Jingle Jam 10K, the annual holiday race that brings together runners, volunteers, and spectators from all over Augusta and shows the power of community.  With its festive atmosphere and charitable mission, this event showcases the power […]

Proper Nutrition for Training and Race Day

proper nutrition training

You may be running a race, but proper nutrition for training is a marathon. Thousands of dollars are invested in experts who help runners and professional athletes prepare for a big day every year.  It’s essential to watch your nutrition intake to ensure that you can function and that your health keeps you going before, […]

Get Ready to Jingle Jam 10K: A Guide for Local Runners

get ready

Get ready for Jingle Jam 10K! JJ10K is an exciting event that promotes fitness and healthy living and supports SafeHomes Domestic Violence Center. It’s an excellent opportunity for local runners to challenge themselves while contributing to a worthy cause. Get Ready by Training Training is essential for any race, especially a 10K. It helps prevent […]

The Best Charity Runs in Georgia

The best charity runs in Georgia are more than just an excellent way to stay fit. They’re a way to give back to your community and help those who need it most. From the S’morevivor 5K, which raises money for local children with cancer, to Jingle Jam 10K, which helps fund local charities and organizations, […]

The Larger Meaning of Our Registration Opening Date

When choosing the date for Jingle Jam 10K registration, there has always been an intention behind it. Every year since JJ10K’s inception, registration has opened on September 1 in honor of our Founder and Race Director’s birthday. After taking a year off, we have reflected and re-evaluated, which has led to a new beginning. A […]

2021 Race Cancelled

Dear Jingle Jam 10K Runners, Sponsors, and Volunteers, Around this time every year, we release the “Letter From the Race Director” to commemorate October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and to highlight a different domestic violence issue or topic every year.  This is not that letter.  We will cut to the chase: Last week, the […]