2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

DVAM 2020

We’re in the middle of October, which means we are in the middle of DVAM 2020, or Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). It is a month where we, as a community, work together to shed light on domestic violence, what it is, why it happens, and how you can help. Domestic violence can happen to anyone and anywhere.

What happens during DVAM?

During DVAM, it is essential to increase awareness about abuse indicators and show hope in escaping these toxic relationships. Bringing attention to the issue of abuse should occur every day of the year. However, DVAM is a chance for everyone as a nation to unite in ending abuse. It allows us to spread awareness as one unit on how to escape these situations and how victims can cope if they are currently unable to leave their abusive relationship.

Stay Home, Stay Safe…but What if Home Isn’t Safe?

Many of us are quarantined at home to stay safe and stop the spread of COVID. But what happens when not even home is safe? A safety precaution now becomes a dangerous and possibly deadly situation because victims are now quarantined with their abusers. The stress that the pandemic inflicts can further exasperate abuse. This year, we want to focus on how the current epidemic increases abuse and increases the chances of abuse occurring within a family.

Our theme for #DVAM2020 and our focus for JJ10K 2020 is #WhenHomeIsntSafe. It is quite literal when it comes to domestic violence. Your house, which is usually one of the safest places a person knows, is a place of violence and fear. When most of us are at home, it’s essential to understand how to keep ourselves safe during quarantine and check on our friends and family.

If you are a victim of abuse or believe that someone is a victim of abuse, there is help available. Contact the SafeHomes 24/7 crisis line at 706-736-2499. If you are not located in Georgia, please contact the national domestic violence at 1-800-799-7233.

SafeHomes provides services to those escaping #WhenHomeIsntSafe. Join us in supporting their mission and in the race to end domestic violence. Register for this year’s JJ10K and help us fundraise more than we ever have.

Ways To Get Involved # WhenHomeIsn’t Safe During DVAM 2020:

The Augusta University Sexual and Relationship Violence Awareness group partners every year with SafeHomes to raise awareness about DVAM throughout the Augusta University campus and the community.

  • Complete a Survivor’s Walk

Typically, we get together at Augusta University one night during DVAM to walk in honor of those we lost in the past year to domestic violence. Unfortunately, we’re not able to do that this year. Instead, we’re reaching out to you to do a walk by yourself or with friends and family (socially distanced) while wearing purple (the color for domestic violence awareness). Take a picture and tag us with #JJ10K. Let’s paint social media purple.


Help us raise money for SafeHomes. We cannot gather in person and raise as much money as we usually do with race registrations; however, we still have a mission to carry out as Jingle Jammers. Help us raise more funds for SafeHomes than we ever have before.


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