2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

Stay Injury-Free: Essential Tips for Preventing Running Injuries

running injuries

Race Day is less than two months away, so it’s time to start training! The last thing you can afford while training is getting an injury that would keep you from running for JingleJam10K.  Accidents happen all the time, and to err is human, but there are things you can do to prevent a running […]

Proper Nutrition for Training and Race Day

proper nutrition training

You may be running a race, but proper nutrition for training is a marathon. Thousands of dollars are invested in experts who help runners and professional athletes prepare for a big day every year.  It’s essential to watch your nutrition intake to ensure that you can function and that your health keeps you going before, […]

Get Ready to Jingle Jam 10K: A Guide for Local Runners

get ready

Get ready for Jingle Jam 10K! JJ10K is an exciting event that promotes fitness and healthy living and supports SafeHomes Domestic Violence Center. It’s an excellent opportunity for local runners to challenge themselves while contributing to a worthy cause. Get Ready by Training Training is essential for any race, especially a 10K. It helps prevent […]