12/4 to 12/6

Carrie’s Story

Everyone has a friend who seems to be Superwoman. She can do everything, be anything. Smart, beautiful, independent, ambitious, outgoing, and selfless with a pinch of Diva. My friend Misty was all that and more. She was a dedicated mother, grandmother, and friend.

So how is it that this strong, independent woman who didn’t take crap from anyone… how is it that she had an abuser? How is it that her boyfriend murdered her in her home?

To quote Leslie Morgan Steiner, “It’s incredibly dangerous to leave an abuser because the final step in the domestic violence pattern is: Kill her.” My friend was trying to leave that night. She was trying to get away because her boyfriend wasn’t treating her well, and she had had enough. There had evidently been a classic domestic violence pattern in their engagement that no one knew about or realized, and she was trying to handle it on her own.

Domestic violence intervention resources, such as those offered by SafeHomes, teach us how abuse progresses and how to get help. It shows us that no one is beyond the strong arm of the manipulative abuser. It can happen to anyone and is more widespread and common than it is thought to be. It is essential to know the signs so that intervention can take place.

It goes without saying that I, along with countless others, had a hard time coping with the tragedy of losing Misty. I feel silly talking about my hardship here. I’m sure my heartache paled in comparison to what Misty’s daughter, son, sisters, and the rest of her close family and friends experienced. However, I really just didn’t know what to do with myself. I had to make sense of it in my head, but I didn’t know how to. So I reached out to SafeHomes to see if I could help somehow, and maybe that would bring me some peace.

I’m so glad I got involved with SafeHomes – It gave me a way to cope with grief and channel my energy to heal by doing good things. My connection to SafeHomes, Jingle Jam 10K, and the excellent team behind it is precious to me.

Thank you for supporting Jingle Jam 10K and our mission to promote DV intervention and education.
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