2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

2019 Winner’s Circle: 13-16 M

Join us every Wednesday as we meet our fastest runners from Jingle Jam 10K 2019! Click here to see a full listing of all our top finishers.

1st Place Overall Male Finisher

Jayden Huitt

Finish Time 41:39

2nd Place Overall Male Finisher

Lawson Harper

Finish Time 41:39

3rd Place Overall Male Finisher

Steven Joseph

Finish Time 46:22

“I have been running cross-country for around 6 years. Running is a great way to stay in shape as well as lots of fun if you run with the right people. Plus you are racing and pushing yourself to focus on a goal. I ran JJ10K because my dad and I ran it last year, and now, we are making it a tradition to run it each year.”

“Cross country training helped me a lot, but I hadn’t run over 3 miles in a month after cross country season, since I was training for pole vault and hurdle for spring track, so a couple of days before I ran some slow 3 and 4 mile runs then went into the mindset of just having fun with it!

Short term I hope to be able to run both short and long distance well, maybe go sub 18 for a 5k and sub 53 for a 400. Long term, I hope to go to college for track but if I don’t, I would take up long distance running!”


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