2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

2019 Winner’s Circle: 30-34 Females

Join us every Wednesday as we meet our fastest runners from Jingle Jam 10K 2019! Click here to see a full listing of all our top finishers.

1st Place

Marcie Rapp

Finish Time 48:44

2nd Place

Katherine Capehart

Finish Time 53:05

“I have been running for 6 years. I enjoy running because I like to eat! Running also reduces stress related to life in general. I ran JJ10K because I live close by and the run is pleasant. To train ran around my neighborhood, Riverwood Plantation. Hills are my jam! I also go to Evans Fitness Center for weight training. Short term – I want to run my first half in Februrary at the Augusta Half Marathon. Long term – I want to run for life! Injury prevention and personal care is important to me. If I’m careful and pay attention to my body I can run until I’m 90, (if I last that long)!”

3rd Place

Kimberly Jensen

Finish Time 53:18

“I have been running for 18 years. I enjoy running because it’s therapeutic, and it’s hard. So when I reach or surpass a pace goal I feel really proud of myself for accomplishing a hard thing! I run JJ10K because I love Goldei, and I love the cause the race supports. To train I did regular long, slow runs 2-3 days/week, and HIIT or intense cardio 2-3 times/week. I’d like to run a full marathon for the first time in 2020!”


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