2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

2019 Winner’s Circle: 55-59 Males

Join us every Wednesday as we meet our fastest runners from Jingle Jam 10K 2019! Click here to see a full listing of all our top finishers.

1st Place

Phillip Payne

Finish Time 43:45

2nd Place

Phil French

Finish Time 51:16

“I’ve been running for 5 years. I run because it clears my mind; temporary escape from busy life. I decided to run JJ10K because I’ve participated before and it’s a great event. To train I run 3 times per week. Short-term I’m currently training for the AU Half Marathon. Long term would like to improve 10k time.”

3rd Place

Ziad Ahmadie

Finish Time 53:11


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