2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

Impressive $8,000 Raised for Victims of Abuse

2019 marked our 9th year in the Race to End Domestic Violence. At our 9th Annual JJ10K, we raised a total of $8,129.15. If you haven’t seen the race highlights yet, check it out in the video below. What started as a way for a previous SafeHomes client to heal from her own experience with abuse, has become an annual community initiative to raise money for SafeHomes Domestic Violence Center and to bring awareness to the issue of abuse.

The amount that gets fundraised each year is dependent on two things:

Firstly, it’s dependent on our community sponsors. Monetary donations and item donations from our community sponsors help us cover the costs of the race and helps provide our runners with some great swag. JJ10K IS NOT possible without the support from businesses and organizations throughout our community. It is utterly important to support these local businesses in return during this difficult time. You can find out how to support them here.

Secondly, the total amount that we raise is dependent on YOU. That’s right, YOU make the difference. When you register for Jingle Jam 10K, your race registration goes to SafeHomes. When you register, you help SafeHomes cover the expenses to shelter clients, you provide a bus pass that allows clients to travel to and from their job, you help pay for a client’s rental deposit or U-haul, you help to provide counseling services that guide clients in the healing process…the list is endless.

We must always remind ourselves that Jingle Jam 10K is more than a 6.2-mile road race. There is a purpose behind running JJ10K. There is a picture larger than ourselves. Every year in December, when you step onto our course, you are taking part in increasing the awareness of domestic violence. You are telling the world that we cannot remain silent, we must make domestic violence our business, and we must show victims that they are not alone. That there is help. And we are incredibly grateful for all the Jingle Jammers that ran in our 2019 race. This year may look a little bit different, but we must continue the race to end domestic violence. Subscribe to our newsletter to ensure that you don’t miss out on how you can be a part of that.


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