2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

Kelsey’s Story

"I proceed to listen to her brother tell me what her husband has done to her..."
One of my best friends names pops up on my caller ID, I am so excited to hear from her, but when I answer it isn’t her voice. I proceed to listen to her brother tell me what her husband has done to her, in front of her children, while she is now sitting in a hospital bed. She is thousands of miles from me and there is nothing I can physically do for her or her children, my heart is absolutely shattered. I am someone who loves those close to her fiercely and passionately and would do anything for those people, but I could not do anything to help my friend during this horrific time in her life.

That moment is the moment I thought of when Goldei, our amazing leader, asked me to join the Jingle Jam board of directors two years ago. It is a blessing to go through life not having to deal with the shock of having someone in your life deal with the physical toll of Domestic Violence, but in reality, there is someone in your circle of friends and family who is likely going through some form of it, verbal, emotional, financial, all of these happen but they don’t get the attention that someone with physical wounds gets. I wanted to join an organization that puts all of their efforts all year long towards bringing light to this injustice that happens to men, women, and children daily. For the board of director’s it isn’t just about the first Saturday of December every year, it is about educating our community about what is happening behind the closed doors of our friends, family, and neighbors and about how we need to be their voice, their strength, their opportunity to talk to someone and get help.

This time that we have all had to spend at home has been amazing, but that isn’t the case for everyone. Men, women, and children have been in a higher stress situation with their abuser without the opportunity to have their daily freedom of going to school, work, or social escapes. Be the friend who asks the hard question, “How are you doing, for real, is there anything that I can help you with, I’m here to listen if you need to talk.” Be your person’s safe haven, live out the love you have for them, and truly be there in their time of need.

I have been so blessed to join this group of women, they are beacons of light in our community and serve it selflessly all year long so that we can do our very best for our runners, sponsors, and victims. I hope in the coming years you join us in the fight to end Domestic Violence and from the bottom of my heart thank you for your support.


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