2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

Emotional Abuse is Still Abuse

Emotional abuse is still abuse. Long story short, the straightforward story—I ended up with JJ10K because I had been volunteering with SafeHomes for about a year. I started volunteering with SafeHomes because I had just moved to the area and looked for a way to utilize my skills until I had my first daughter. SafeHomes recommended me to JJ10K when they were looking for a Marketing Director, and now here I am. Little did I know, however, was the impact that JJ10K would ultimately have on me.

Nassab’s Story

A few years ago, I joined a team of ladies who have become an essential part of my life. Different backgrounds and personalities brought together for a common cause! That cause is raising support and awareness for domestic violence survivors by hosting an annual Jingle Jam 10K race. Why I do it? The answer I […]

Carrie’s Story

So how is it that this strong, independent woman who didn’t take crap from anyone… how is it that she had an abuser? How is it that her boyfriend murdered her in her home?

Hilary’s Story

“What I never realized at the time though was how that race and group of people would impact my life forever. “