2023 Race Day

DEC 2, 2023

Corporate Sponsorships: Making an Impact with JJ10K

corporate sponsorships

As the final quarter of the year gets closer, we all anticipate the return of the season of festivities and this year’s Jingle Jam 10K Race benefiting SafeHomes Domestic Violence Center. With 2023 possibly being the last year we hold this race, we wanted to allow businesses and other organizations to give back to the community through sponsorships supporting the JJ10K mission.

We have no shortage of marketing opportunities for business owners interested in joining us in supporting this noble cause. Read on to see how your company can become one of our supporters!

How Impactful is Corporate Sponsorship?

Corporate sponsorships play a significant role in creating a sense of community. Especially in regional events, when local businesses and larger corporations come together to invest or show their support, they demonstrate a commitment to the areas where they operate.

This strengthens the bond between a business and its community while also giving a sense of belonging among the area’s residents.

There’s also the amplified reach an event gains with a sponsor. Through collaboration and marketing, along with word-of-mouth, we can build awareness and visibility for our cause.

Of course, support isn’t limited to financial backing. Entertainment sponsorships are highly appreciated at JJ10K. These bring unique experiences to our events through performances, decorations, and even interactive experiences for our attendees and runners.

In races like ours, sponsorships are integral to the event’s success as they contribute to both the festive spirit and shared holiday joy among the attendees.

Benefits of Sponsorship for Your Business

One of the main benefits corporate sponsors can enjoy is increased company visibility.

This comes in varying ways, especially here at Jingle Jam 10K, such as apparel branding, TV and radio recognition, and so much more. Advertising typically is a pretty penny; this goes double for small businesses, but when sponsoring an event, we help get your brand out there, thanks to your support.

With this type of visibility, you’re reaching an audience close to you and appreciative of your contributions. Plus, seeing you there support a like-minded cause may help build trust between you and your community.

Now, here at Jingle Jam 10K, we do have benefits for different sponsorship levels. The advantages of these, of course, are that the type of visibility gained increases with the amount of support shown. It ranges, and you can learn more about it below.

Want to Become a JJ10K Sponsor?

Join us in our fight against domestic violence by becoming a sponsor or supporter! Help in making a difference in our community.


Simply provide your full name, the name of your organization, and an email and phone number where we can reach you through. Select your sponsorship level, and write a message in the text box on what type of donation you’re contributing!

As a movement whose aim is to transform domestic violence victims into survivors, we thank you for contributing to our cause.


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